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Hi im having problems with my PHP code for sending an email via a contact form. I am getting no errors and can see no problem with the code after researching it thoroughly, could someone help me??


// Define some constants
define( "RECIPIENT_NAME", "Nuim Buzz" );
define( "RECIPIENT_EMAIL", "" );
define( "EMAIL_SUBJECT", "Visitor Message" );

// Read the form values
$success = false;
$senderName = isset( $_POST['senderName'] ) ? preg_replace( "/[^\.\-\' a-zA-Z0-9]/",   "", $_POST['senderName'] ) : "";
$senderEmail = isset( $_POST['senderEmail'] ) ? preg_replace( "/[^\.\-\_\@a-zA-Z0-9]/", "", $_POST['senderEmail'] ) : "";
$senderMessage = isset( $_POST['senderMessage'] ) ? preg_replace( "/(From:|To:|BCC:|CC:|Subject:|Content-Type:)/", "", $_POST['senderMessage'] ) : "";

// If all values exist, send the email
if ( $senderName && $senderEmail && $senderMessage ) {
  $recipient = RECIPIENT_NAME . " <" . RECIPIENT_EMAIL . ">";
  $headers = "From: " . $senderName . " <" . $senderEmail . ">";
  $success = mail( $recipient, EMAIL_SUBJECT, $senderMessage, $headers );

  <?php if ( $success ) echo "<p>Thanks for sending your message! We'll get back to you shortly.</p>" ?>
  <?php if ( !$success ) echo "<p>There was a problem sending your message. Please try again.</p>" ?>
  <p>Click your browser's Back button to return to the page.</p>

The HTML code:

  <h2>Send us an email...</h2>


      <label for='senderName'>Your Name</label>
      <input type='text' name='senderName' id='senderName' placeholder='Please type your name...' required='required' maxlength='40' />

  <label for='senderEmail'>Your Email Address</label>
  <input type='email' name='senderEmail' id='senderEmail' placeholder='Please type your email address...' required='required' maxlength='50' />

  <label for='message' style='padding-top: .5em;'>Your Message</label>
  <textarea name='senderMessage' id='message' placeholder='Please type your message...' required='required' cols='80' rows='10' maxlength='10000'></textarea>


  <div id='formButtons'>
    <input type='submit' id='sendMessage' name='sendMessage' value='Send Email' />


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Have you done any kind of test to see if it's getting inside the IF statement for sending the email? An quick and dirty way I do that is inside that loop add: echo "HIT"; – Chris Cummings Mar 22 '12 at 19:45
What exactly is the problem? You get the "There was a problem"? status message? Are you on a Windows or Unix/Linux host? mail() will return false if the local mail server is misconfigured, has outright reject your message, or doesn't exist at all. – Marc B Mar 22 '12 at 19:53
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It seems your problem is server setup. Are you local? Are you on a shared hosting plan? If the latter you may have a domain problem, so contact your hosting solution to ensure you have it set up right. Also check your server error logs.

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thanks just figured out i need a paid domain in order to set up email through my host, oh well, thanks guys – rudawg Mar 22 '12 at 19:59
Guess how I knew, it happened to me once too ;) – Brooks Hanes Mar 22 '12 at 20:01
haha well im lucky it did or i would have wasted even more time on it :P thank you :D – rudawg Mar 23 '12 at 7:26

My first guess is that you're running this locally, in that case you'll need to set up a local mail server.

Also, if ( $senderName && $senderEmail && $senderMessage ) will fail if any of those variables, like for example $senderMessage, is "0".

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I can't find <form>. May it cause problems.

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