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Below are my Page and Spec. I am able to enter the value for firstName but I am getting the below error for lastName. I thought we can assign the value using '=' operator based on Geb doc here http://www.gebish.org/manual/current/navigator.html#text_inputs_and_textareas

geb.error.UnresolvablePropertyException: Unable to resolve lastName as a property to set on NewConsumerApplicationPage's Navigator context
    at geb.content.NavigableSupport.propertyMissing(NavigableSupport.groovy:141)
    at geb.Browser.propertyMissing(Browser.groovy:182)
    at geb.spock.GebSpec.propertyMissing(GebSpec.groovy:59)
    at WorkItemSpec.Create workitem(WorkItemSpec.groovy:32)


class NewConsumerApplicationPage extends Page
{static content =
        { $("form", id: "newApplicationConsumerForm") }

        {newApplicationForm.find("input", id: "newApplication_primaryApplicant:consumerIdentification:firstName")}

        {newApplicationForm.find("input", id: "newApplication_primaryApplicant:consumerIdentification:lastName")}

            $("button", id: "newConsumerApplication_submit")


def "Create workitem"()
    given : "I am successfully logged into the application"
    to NewConsumerApplicationPage

    firstName.value "CCERASTOSTIGMA"
    lastName = "PAULA"


    then : 
    at ApplicationSummaryPage
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I've got the answer from Geb mailing list. Posting it here for everyone's benefit.

That's a bit confusing, but this section of the manual is part of the "form control shortcuts", i.e. it only works on a form content element. Assuming your form has a name=lastName input element, this would work:

newApplicationForm.lastName = 'value'

It does not work however when manually selecting input elements of a form using $/find.

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