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I have a question about using DevIL in VS 2010. I'm trying to load an image to apply as a texture to a sprite, but I can't seem to figure out how to add the image to project such that DevIL can find it. The call to ilLoadImage keeps returning false.

void LoadTexture(string path)
wstring widePath = wstring(path.begin(), path.end());
const wchar_t* pathName = widePath.c_str();
ILuint devilId = 0;
ilGenImages(1, &devilId);

    ILenum error = ilGetError();
    const wchar_t* errorString = iluErrorString(error);
    cout << *errorString << endl;


int width = ilGetInteger(IL_IMAGE_WIDTH);
int height = ilGetInteger(IL_IMAGE_HEIGHT);
int openGLId = ilutGLBindTexImage();

if(openGLId = 0)
    cout << "The OpenGL id was not set." << endl;

ilDeleteImages(1, &devilId);

void InitializeTextures()

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Sorry to revive an old thread. Since you are using the wide char format, you should use the unicode build of the DevIL library; make sure to copy the correct (unicode dlls) into the project directory and see if this helps.

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Haha oddly enough I may be returning to DevIL soon (as you may imagine I gave up on it). Thanks for taking the time to comment, I'll give you credit for sure if I do come back and this works. –  Pat Apr 10 '13 at 20:14

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