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So here is my issue I have the following function

function checktotal(){
    total = currentproduct["priceperticket"] * $("#qtyselect").val();

and when it has a total of 65.50 it returns 65.5

Could anyone help fix this, I dont know if I need to do a length or something or split at the . and then join a 0 or what to do.

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Use 'toFixed' method:

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number.toString(), then rpad http://ksblog.org/index.php?q=lpad-rpad-functions-javascript&id=44

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Using the built-in .toFixed() function is a much better solution. –  jessegavin Mar 22 '12 at 20:17

Try using .toFixed(2). See below,

function checktotal(){
    total = parseFloat(currentproduct["priceperticket"] * $("#qtyselect").val()).toFixed(2);
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Depending on the nature of your project, you may want to consider using accounting.js.

A simple way to accomplish your goal is to use the .toFixed() function which will render the number with 2 decimal places, but you should also check for NaN values before doing the arithmetic.

function checktotal(){
    var price = parseFloat(currentproduct["priceperticket"]);
    var quantity = parseFloat($("#qtyselect").val());

    // Check if price or quantity is not a number
    // IF so, clear the price display (or do something else)
    if (isNaN(price) || isNaN(quantity))

    var total = (price * quantity).toFixed(2);
    $("span#totalprice").html("$" + total);
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Please check this

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