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I want to know which people in a list of people are friends with this user. Is there a graph api call that can return the subset of ids that is the user's friends? I've tried:


I know I can use a batch call an do something like this:

/me/friends/xxxx /me/friends/xxxxx

but it would be nice to do it in one call.

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Did you try the mutualfriends option?



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It looks like the parameter for mutual friends two users and finds their intersection. It works great for that, but I was looking for an easy way to check if a bunch of users are a particular user's friend. –  karenism Apr 24 '12 at 21:07

There wasn't an easy way to do this with the graph api, but I was able to do it with an FQL query:

query = '{

The friend_meta json object in the result will have all the meta info you are looking for. It's one call, and more efficient and cleaner than the batch calls.

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