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i've spent some time searching and there is probably is an easy way to set and play system sound using ARC but all i found is non ARC compatible. If someone has a snippet I would be very grateful.

Figured it out now.

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Maybe you should post the code you've tried. –  Darren Mar 22 '12 at 21:10
Post your solution as an answer and accept it if it solved your problem. –  danielbeard Mar 23 '12 at 0:33

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This worked for me, hope someone will find it useful too.

.h file:

@property (readwrite) CFURLRef sysSoundTestPath;

.m file:

#import <AudioToolbox/AudioToolbox.h>

@synthesize sysSoundTestPath;
SystemSoundID soundID;

NSURL *path   = [[NSBundle mainBundle] URLForResource: @"testSound" withExtension: @"wav"];
sysSoundTestPath = (__bridge CFURLRef)path;

AudioServicesCreateSystemSoundID(sysSoundTestPath, &soundID);
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You also need to add #import <AudioToolbox/AudioToolbox.h> –  Lewis Buckley Oct 22 '12 at 14:27
Thanks, Lewis, I added it to the solution –  Tomas Ka Jul 16 '14 at 8:04

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