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I'm trying to use the Riak Java Client in an application, however I'm facing some errors. What I need is to perform a Riak Search query as input for a Map/Reduce. According to the official tutorial the search property must be enabled in the Bucket. I'm doing so, in the following code:

IRiakClient riakClient =  RiakFactory.httpClient(HTTP_CLIENT);
Bucket bucket = (Bucket) riakClient.createBucket("test-bucket").enableForSearch().execute();

When I do this, the store operation, in the Bucket, doesn't work anymore. And the following error appears:

com.basho.riak.client.RiakRetryFailedException: 500 Error:

I've already googled the problem, but it wasn't much help!

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This looks like it should be asked on Riak's mailing list. – aitchnyu Mar 23 '12 at 5:28

Do you have search enabled in your app.config? Find this section

%% Riak Search Config
 {riak_search, [
            %% To enable Search functionality set this 'true'.
            {enabled, false}

and set enabled to true.

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