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If i have a logo, let's say done as a jpg or even a png. Any suggestion for how I can use that to define a path geometry? It would be really good if any suggestions could be provided for how i can do it in blend. Thanks

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Yes - I just tackled this problem for an LOB application two days ago.

I can't offer advice for Blend (though I've read that it can be done in Expression Designer). However, the best free tool I've found for this is called InkScape (

It's opensource, and while it's intended primarily for editing SVG vector-based images, it has two key features that are useful to us WPFers:

  1. It can vectorize (i.e. "trace") raster images like bitmaps and jpegs, albeit not as well as one would hope, and
  2. It can export the vector image as XAML

You'll invariably find that you get better results from loading vector formats (like SVG, EMF, WMF, etc) and saving to XAML, than if you try to convert a bitmap/jpeg... simply because the process of vectorizing a raster image is error prone at best. So if you want to bring a company logo into XAML, try to get hold of the source files used to create the logo (perhaps done in Illustrator?) and import that into InkScape.

If this post is helpful, please be kind and give it a one-up.

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Jasema is a terrific tool right for the job.

Also, don't be shy to use Blend - it is somewhat more difficult to use (drawing shapes using pen) but it gets easier pretty fast. Switch on gridlines and optionally snap to them for good results.

What both Jasema and Blend are lacking, is the ability to easily create shapes with a central symmetry (like stars), so I took parts from Jasema and created my own tool (named Radius) that works a bit like a combination of a ruler and compass.

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Adobe Illustrator / CorelDraw is perhaps the best tool out there for these operations that I have used. Personally, I prefer illustrator for on-screen media. These tracings can be exported into several formats such as EPS, SVG, AI, or even XAML (with this plugin)

Best of Luck !!!!

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I've solved my problem (export an image as XAML) using Microsoft Expression Design 4 (Free Version). I've downloaded from the link

As input, I had Adobe Ilustrator files.

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