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I manually specified the starting position of every node and set splines=true.

The resulting image appears as follows:


The spline between 1031 and 1028 appears to touch nodes 1030 and 1029. I am just wondering if there's a way to increase the margin here. I have tried specifying esep="+3,3" to give a very high margin around nodes but the same graph is still output.

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Hm, that's very strange. Can you provide the sample file for the graph you've provided here, so we can poke around with it? –  MrGomez Apr 6 '12 at 20:10

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As you're laying out the nodes by hand, why not lay out the spline by hand as well with:

pos splineType

Splines are somewhat more complex to position than nodes, but not terribly so.

To get started, run your graph through neato with the output format set to 'dot' (-Tdot) and it will generate the lower-level layout. Then you can adjust the coordinates for the problem spline.

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