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Regarding Android's "parent" build file. Location: android-sdk/tools/ant/build.xml.

I was just wondering why -post-build is not a dependency for -do-debug and it is for release.

I would like to copy the APK that was generated by the build script to a specific location, and -post-build seems like the best place to do that. However, it is not called in -do-debug. It also seems like it would be the only place to do such a thing. Because for release, -post-build is called after all of the signing.

Am i missing something here? Is there a better way to acheive that? Or is this just a bug?

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Update: definitely a SDK bug! - had a co-worker run into it just now using r15 of the Android SDK.

I'm using Android SDK r17, running the debug ant task does cause the -post-build task that I defined in my build.xml to run.

Perhaps this was a bug in the SDK version you are using.

I have a blog post with an example of how I am using the -post-build task.

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