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I want to copy a directory tree with empty (but necessary!) directories with apache commons io 2.1. But it doesn't copy empty directories!

My code looks like this:

FileUtils.copyDirectory(new File(sourceDir), new File(targetDir));

Can I tell FileUtils to copy empty directories too? Or is it a bug in "commons io"?

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I just tested this myself using apache commons 2.1 (using the code line below) and for me it does copy empty directories too.

FileUtils.copyDirectory(new File("/home/aioobe/tmp/new_test"),
                        new File("/home/aioobe/tmp/new_test_2"));

with this structure


Both hello.txt and emptyDir showed up in new_test_2 as well.

Perhaps an SSCCE would be useful.

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Me as well. Except I called it foobar.txt :-) – Matthew Farwell Mar 22 '12 at 22:15
Thank you for verifying this! It was a bug in my maven-resources-plugin config (I've forgotten <includeEmptyDirs>true</includeEmptyDirs>). – deamon Mar 22 '12 at 22:17

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