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Does Jenkins/Hudson have a plugin which invokes something like a Velocity template engine to allows the interpolation of variables into a set of templates in order to generate files?

I have an html page which needs to have the ${BUILD_NUMBER} inserted into it at the proper place each time I do a build.

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You can try Groovy Plugin and exploit Groovy's Template Engine feature. Add a Groovy build step and pass ${BUILD_ID} and the path to your HTML template file as parameters. In the build step itself write code that uses ${args[0]},${args[1]} to get the parameters, and then employs SimpleTemplateEngine to process.

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Thanks, I ended up going a slightly different route (although platform specific I suppose) – ThaDon Mar 23 '12 at 13:55

I was going to go the Groovy route as suggested (which is a good idea), however instead I took advantage of the fact my build server is on a *Nix OS and instead wrote a line of sed to do the job using the Shell build step.

sed -e '/BUILD_NUMBER/${BUILD_NUMBER}/' ${WORKSPACE}/index.html.template > ${WORKSPACE}/index.html

It just replaces any occurrence of the text: BUILD_NUMBER inside my template file with the Jenkins/Hudson build number. Quick, dirty, but works.

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