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My build is structured like:


SConstruct invokes subdir/SConscript as a subsidiary:

# SConstruct

subdir/SConscript imports module:

# subdir/SConscript
from module import foo
do SConsy stuff with foo()...

This works fine until I use variant_dir with subdir/SConscript:

# SConstruct
SConscript('subdir/SConscript', variant_dir='subdir/build', duplicate=0)

The problem is that the import fails because module is no longer in the path, which has been altered by variant_dir.

Is there a standard way to solve this problem in either SCons or Python? I know about the special site_scons directory, but it appears that this directory must exist at the top level with the root SConstruct, and I'd like to keep subdir-specific files under subdir.

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Use site_scons dir in project root dir for you module. For example i've module xxx, and he is placed : root/site_scons/xxx/ Now, i can import xxx in all of my SConscript files.

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You could also pass the -I or --include-dir options to scons which allow you to specify the path to the python modules, but this may be more difficult (more typing each time you execute scons) unless you wrap your call to the scons script in another script. – Brady Mar 23 '12 at 8:11
Thanks for the answer. I was actually trying to avoid using the site_scons directory and ultimately went with the solution below, but I'll accept this one. – Jared Hoberock Mar 25 '12 at 1:23

In the SConscript, before the import, alter Python's path:

# subdir/SConscript
module_path = Dir('.').srcnode().abspath # get the path to subdir
import sys
from module import foo
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