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I am developing an silverlight application using WCF and EF.

I am using Database first as our database already exists.

I have a table that consists of 100 columns with datatype real. We want to generate a class which has a List<double> or List<float> instead of that 100 discrete variables in the class for each column.

Is this possible ?? Can someone give me an example?

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There's no direct way. What you have to do is use reflection to convert it into a List<double>. Suppose your table names is called MyObject, then EF will generate a class MyObject to represent a row in that table. You can then do:

Type type = typeof(MyObject);
// Get properties (columns) through reflection 
PropertyInfo[] properties = type.GetProperties(); 
List<List<double>> allRows = new List<List<double>>();

using(var dbContext = MyDB.GetContext())
    foreach(var row in dbContext.MyRows)
         List<double> columnValues = new List<double>();
         foreach (PropertyInfo property in properties)
            // The sql type REAL will map to either float or double
            if(property.PropertyType == typeof(float)) 
                 columnValues.Add( (double) property.GetValue(row, null) );

Hope you get the idea.

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Thanks, I am aware of reflection but dont know is there any direct way to achieve the same functionality ... –  microchip78 Mar 26 '12 at 23:14
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