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Reading nice book about JS patterns and currently reached antipattern section and what was wondering that I haven't met anti-patterns in the projects where I worked before. So here are some of the anti-patterns:

1. Polluting the namespace by defining a large number of variables 
in the global context

2. Passing strings rather than functions to either setTimeout or setInterval as 
this triggers the use of eval() internally.

3. Prototyping against the Object object (this is a particularly bad anti-pattern)

4. Using JavaScript in an inline form as this is inflexible

5. The use of document.write where native DOM alternatives such as document.createElement 
are more appropriate. document.write has been grossly misused over the years and
has quite a few disadvantages including that if it's executed after the page
has been loaded it can actually overwrite the page you're on, 
whilst document.createElement does not. 
You can see here for a live example of this in action. 
It also doesn't work with XHTML which is another reason opting 
for more DOM-friendly methods such as document.createElement is favorable.

So my question would be: Do you have any real examples of code of these Anti-patterns? I reckon that could go into StackOverflow wiki as a valuable material.

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when you encounter a specific anti-pattern in some code you're writing (or using), come back with a question about why it is wrong and what a better choice would be. –  bernie Mar 23 '12 at 0:33
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