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I am trying to increment a value (in this case a UNIX timestamp, but for all we care in this case it might as well be any old integer) every 1 second, but it refuses to do so (it just stays the same).

Here's the code

// given integer starting point
var tsmin=1332449260;
}, 1000);
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The issue comes from the difference between ++tsmin and tsmin++.

++tsmin increments the value before doing the next step, whereas tsmin++ increments the value afterwords. If you changed the line to:

tsmin = ++tsmin

it would work, because it is now incrementing before saving it as the new value. However, even though this solution 'works', what you really should do is:


There is no need to set tsmin if you are just incrementing like that.

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Thank you so much! Clear explanation, good examples and advice on best practices to boot! – Joseph Szymborski Mar 23 '12 at 0:38

Why don't you just do tsmin++ instead of using the side affect of tsmin=tsmin++?

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The statement:

tsmin = tsmin++;

is guaranteed to keep "tsmin" at its same value forever. The ++ operator after the variable means that the value of that expression is the value before the increment. The = operator binds less tightly than ++, so the process there is:

  1. get the value of "tsmin"
  2. increment "tsmin"
  3. set "tsmin" to the value from step 1.
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}, 1000);

}, 1000);
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Try this:

var tsmin = 1332449260;
setInterval(function() {;
}, 1000);​

This assumes you want 1332449260 to be outputted in the console as the first value, if you want to start at 1332449261 move the tsmin++; before the;.

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