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I have created a self-hosted wordpress blog and on my ftp server everything is under

         then you have /wp-admin and /wp-content etc..

but when I got to my website the theme doesn't show up, it only shows a white page with


    " index of

I figured out the wordpress blog has installed its own directory so if I want to see my website I need to enter that directory first. So I tried to type


and it worked my website is all here.

BUT ! I don't wanna have people to type www.** since the site was originially known without adding /wordpress at the end.

If I move all my wordpress folders under the root

   /public_html .. will it work ??
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See to move the site to root.

After the move, if all you see is "index of...", add

DirectoryIndex index.php

at the top of .htaccess

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Under Settings > General Check your site address(url) and wordpress address(url) to make sure they are set how you want them.

The site address should have the url for where you want people to view the page (without the wordpress extension. )

You most likely also have to move your index.php and .htaccess file out of the wordpress file and into the root folder.

Go here: and View the instructions under the heading "Using a pre-existing subdirectory install"

It is good to have FTP running while you do this in case you lock yourself out of the admin by inserting an incorrect filepath.

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