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Some time in the last year, a tool that I use no longer displays Google search results in one of its frames. I suspect that Google started using JavaScript code to hide itself, if it is being displayed in a frame, which is understandable for most uses.

However, this is a tool that only I use, so I'm not misrepresenting to anyone. I use this tool to research data. One frame has a form where I enter data that I find online. The other frame has the Google results and the pages they link to. I can see both the data form that I'm working on and the changing search/results side-by-side in one window.

I tried going to an older browser version, but I think they are using JavaScript.

Now I have to right-mouse click "open in a new tab" and then click to the new tab, and then close it, a lot of extra overhead when I'm trying to process this repetitive research over and over.

Any ideas? Confirmations as to what has changed? I suppose I could retrieve the page in PHP, strip out the part that hides the page and then put the page source in the other frame. A bit of a challenge for me.

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I should add that I use the data form frame to automatically call Google search results, so I don't have to type into a search box. I click on one of a dozen links in the form form and the results frame loads the results (or the appropriate Wikipedia article, etc). I haven't been able to figure out how to the same using two browers in separate monitors. – birchy Mar 23 '12 at 2:47
I'm trying to get Google Search results to appear in an iframe as well, This question might be relevant:… – Anderson Green Mar 23 '13 at 22:30

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