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I'm trying to use OpenCV with Kinect on Windows 7 x64, so I installed OpenNI, NITE and PrimeSense (by avin2).

I used CMake to compile the OpenCV 2.3.1, everything is correct with CMake Flags I checked, but I tried to use a simple code and it never found the Kinect.

All the samples of OpenNI and PrimeSense work fine. I already installed x86 and x64 drivers and it still doesn't work!

I'm using VideoCapture, and isOpened, always returns 0.

Anyone know the solution?

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I did that under linux ubuntu 12.04 last week end and that work fine.

Try to re-install componant by componant, and recompile your openCV.

I did that last week end.

But I agree there is things wich are not clear about how deal with that. I replaced the kinect by an assus xtion and right now that don't work... but this an other topic.

About PrimeSense hardware, as I khnow kinect is made by PrimeSense... moreover PrimeSense is a member of the OpenNI project which is use in background of the libraries P.C.L. , openCV, and on the ros's openni_camera stack...

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I have installed the opencv kinect on windows 7-64its (Professional) and works fine.

1.Drivers to kinect: here


  • When you to install the dirvers make sure that the "Windows update" will not install aditional

    Tip: Disconnect the internet when you install it. ;)

  • Check in the "Device Manager" and search for PrimeSense.

    Something like this:

    • PrimeSense |- Kinect Audio |- Kinect Camera |- Kinect Motor

Check if it's working. Run a OpenNI sample.


Download it:


Configure the opencv on cmake. Remeber check to on the "OpenNI" option. Maybe you'll get an erro like "warning: PrimeSense..." this happen because the OpenCVFindOpenNI.cmake is outdated.

You have to do some changes. Go to here and download the changes:

Click here and download it (at bottom of page: "Download in other formats: Original Format").

You have to do the changes in the original file "OpenCVFindOpenNI.cmake". It's in the root folder "OpenCV-2.3.1\"

The line that has "-" you delete and the line tha has "+" you replace/add.

Configure and compile the openCV. After this it'll works fine, at least it should... :)

Sure.. You have to compile... ;) I my case - Visual Studio C++ 9(2008) - (I compiled in the Release mode only)

You have to set the "bin" in the patch of system after compile..

Run a sample:

"OpenCV-2.3.1\samples\cpp\kinect_maps.cpp" and enjoy.

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please update your link after line "Go to here and download the changes:".. its not woriking –  RDC Jun 13 '12 at 8:30

kinect for windows perhaps is not supported by Primesenser hardware drivers or even by avin2

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This shouldn't be an answer. If you don't actually know, then you shouldn't answer the question. –  IronMan84 Oct 29 '12 at 21:27

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