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I am currently trying to slide a tab from right to left using this code but i am not achieving my initial goal. this is the jquery file. I tried implementing animate direction left but it only gave me errors.

(function ($) {
    $.fn.showHide = function (options) {
        //default vars for the plugin
        var defaults = {
            speed: 1000,
            easing: '',
            changeText: 0,
            showText: 'Show',
            hideText: 'Hide'
        var options = $.extend(defaults, options);

        $(this).click(function () { 

            $('.toggleDiv').slideUp(options.speed, options.easing); 

            var toggleClick = $(this);

            var toggleDiv = $(this).attr('rel');

            $(toggleDiv).slideToggle(options.speed, options.easing, function() {

                    $(toggleDiv).is(":visible") ? toggleClick.text(options.hideText) : toggleClick.text(options.showText);

            return false;


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Main problem here:

var options = $.extend(defaults, options);

You're declaring options twice, in the function as a parameter, and as a variable inside the function. This is a source of problems. Just rename it to opts for example:

var opts = $.extend(defaults, options);
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alright, great advice i didnt notice that small mistake. but how will i go about adding an option to slide to left? –  ProgammingLover1985 Mar 23 '12 at 4:39
No small mistake, pretty serious I'd say. Look jsfiddle.net/elclanrs/5kXQj. To slide your tab from the sides you were right about animate, that's what you should use. Usually you'd animate the width of the tab and not the left property... –  elclanrs Mar 23 '12 at 4:53
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