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I'd like to convert GB encoded char * to NSString *:

char *str = ...
size_t len = ...

NSString *s = [[NSString alloc] initWithBytes:str length:len encoding:???];

encoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding is available. I wonder it there an predefined encoding for GB Chinese characters? similar to kCFStringEncodingGB_2312_80, defined in CFStringEncoding.

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You can use the CF string encodings with NSString; from Apple's docs:

Additional encodings are defined in String Programming Guide for Core Foundation (see CFStringEncodingExt.h); these encodings can be used with NSString by first passing the Core Foundation encoding to the CFStringConvertEncodingToNSStringEncoding function.

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Because NSString And CFString are toll-free bridged, you can simply cast from one to the other:

NSString *str = (__bridge __strong NSString *) CFStringCreateWithBytes(NULL, str, length, kCFStringEncodingGB_2312_80, NO);
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I don't believe this is valid objective-c. I think the keyword you want is (__bridge_transfer NSString *). If I am wrong though, feel free to correct me. –  borrrden Mar 23 '12 at 5:19

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