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I'm trying to delete a folder created as a result of a MapReduce job. Other files in the bucket delete just fine, but this folder won't delete. When I try to delete it from the console, the progress bar next to its status just stays at 0. Have made multiple attempts, including with logout/login in between.

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Does the folder stem from an Elastic MapReduce job or from another MapReduce framework? –  Steffen Opel Mar 24 '12 at 14:52
Elastic MapReduce –  babonk Mar 25 '12 at 0:22

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First and foremost, Amazon S3 doesn't actually have a native concept of folders/directories, rather is a flat storage architecture comprised of buckets and objects/keys only - the directory style presentation seen in most tools for S3 (including the AWS Management Console itself) is based solely on convention, i.e. simulating a hierarchy for objects with identical prefixes - see my answer to How to specify an object expiration prefix that doesn't match the directory? for more details on this architecture, including quotes/references from the AWS documentation.

Accordingly, your problem might stem from a tool using a different convention for simulating this hierarchy, see for example the following answers in the AWS forums:

  • Ivan Moiseev's answer to the related question Cannot delete file from bucket, where he suggests to use another tool to inspect whether you might have such a problem and remedy it accordingly.

  • The AWS team response to What are these _$folder$ objects? - This is a convention used by a number of tools including Hadoop to make directories in S3. They're primarily needed to designate empty directories. One might have preferred a more aesthetic scheme, but well that is the way that these tools do it.

Good luck!

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Firstly, read the content of directory from getBucket method, then you got a array list of all files, then delete the file from deleteObject method.

 if (($contents = $this->S3->getBucket(AS_S3_BUCKET, "file_path")) !== false) 
     foreach ($contents as $file) 
     $result = $this->S3->deleteObject(AS_S3_BUCKET,$file['name']);

$this->S3 is S3 class object, and AS_S3_BUCKET is bucket name.

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