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Now I can add items with store.newItem(). After adding it, it's placing it after the old JSON data.

But how do I place it in children (look at my code)?

    'id': 'WMD',
    'name': 'Web MD.',
    'type': 'continent',
    'children': [
            '_reference': 'PUTTANONE'

How do I add it into that place?

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Now I have finished my problems. I get the idea from this site

I'm still use store.newItem but have to keep the value that return, and use store.save

newValueTreeAdded = store.newItem({
    id: name + lastName,
    name: name + " " + lastName,
    type: 'fullName'

    store.save({onComplete: saveStoreDone, onError: saveStoreFailed});

When its done, have a look on function saveStoreDone

function saveStoreDone(){
    store.fetch({ onComplete: onCompleteFetch });

And have a look on function onCompleteFetch

function onCompleteFetch(items, request){
    var selectDepartment = (radioWMDChoose)? 0 : 1; //select root node to add child
    var tempChild = store.getValues(items[selectDepartment],'children');
    var indexChild = tempChild.length;

    tempChild[indexChild] = newValueTreeAdded; //newValueTreeAdded is come from store.newItem
    store.setValues(items[selectDepartment], "children", tempChild);                            

Done! :D

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