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I am basically looking for ZeroMQ Python binding sample examples, where I can explore and experiment. I am particularly interested in xsub. xpub examples where we have publishers and subscriber joining and leaving notifications.

I could find a 2.1 version binding and an example, but what I understand is that xsub is supported only for versions greater than 3.

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Current PyZMQ (≥ 2.1.7) works with all versions of libzmq after 2.1.4, including 3.1-dev. Simply build/install libzmq-3.1, and then build/install pyzmq (possibly instructing pyzmq about libzmq's installation location), and you will be using zmq3 with Python. This is clearly stated in the pyzmq readme.

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It's a bit annoying that the bundled pyzmq-static is still on zeromq2 and that homebrew installing still defaults to zeromq2 too. Anything going to happen to kick the ecosystem to the next version? –  alper Aug 15 '12 at 10:33
I imagine they will update when there is an actual release of libzmq3. There still has yet to be a first libzmq3 stable release (only RC so far). Just do brew install --HEAD zeromq && pip install pyzmq, and you should be set. –  minrk Aug 16 '12 at 0:35

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