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I am trying to export an excel file directory into an Oracle table as opposed to looping through the range and executing a lot of insert statements. I would think that there are better ways to accomplish this in .NET but I can't seem to find any other answer besides convert excel to csv & load it using Sql Loader or External Table. Does anyone know a cleaner & more efficient way that looping through the ranges creating & executing insert statements?


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I think Oracle's External Tables are actually quite elegant for this (so is SQL loader). There is a 'depends' argument for either approach. However, if your looking for a more point and click solution; Oracle has a free tool called SQL Developer available for download. It has support for importing from excel.

In addition, there is an entire forum dedicated to SQL Loader and External Tables.

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Not that I recommend that, but you can use ODBC Driver for excel, to see the excel sheets as tables. Then, it is a matter of selecting the data from the excel table and insert it into Oracle table...

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Thanks for the tip. I think I saw that as one of the search results on Google but I am trying to minimize the number of steps and make it as clean as possible. The ODBC route seems a bit too much. I think based on what I have found, the best option is to save the excel file as CSV, move it to the database server & load it as an external table on Oracle. One would think there would be easier ways to do this but apparently not. Thanks for responding! –  tundal45 Jun 12 '09 at 13:09

You can use ODI for loading data into oracle tables from excel sheets. But yes it has some issue like more time etc.

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