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This is quite complicated. I'm not able to put this into words directly. So here goes my problem -

I've this short-code generator form built upon WordPress TinyMCE editor which is basically an HTML document. It has two <textarea></textarea> inputs. When user clicks on "Insert short-code", javascript code on this page populates the short-code and inserts it into the editor in WordPress.

Now, if the user inserts something like -

>>>This is an "amazing post"! You can't wait to get your hands on it.<<<

in the one of the textarea, the short-code generates the corresponding attribute as this -

c_text=">>>This is an "amazing post"! You can't wait to get your hands on it.<<<"

This short-code with other attributes is then saved into database by WordPress. When it is retrieved at the front-end, the add_shortcode() function in WordPress messes everything up, which is quite obvious as >,<,',"exist inside c_text

An obvious choice in PHP would be to use htmlentities with ENT_QUOTES, but how to do it in this case? Using the phpjs equivalent function would mean including lot of javascript. How to do this effectively?

UPDATE : I tried using the phpjs equivalent function. It does the conversion properly. But, the quotes are replaced by WordPress. Example - I put a random string <> <test> <<><<<>><<> ' <"">?sdg#@Y^#ASCST#@Y^

and did console.log(htmlentities(string,'ENT_QUOTES'));, it logged

&lt;&gt; &lt;test&gt; &lt;&lt;&gt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&gt;&gt;&lt;&lt;&gt; &#039; &lt;&quot;&quot;&gt;?sdg#@Y^#ASCST#@Y^

which is correct. But, when I viewed the switched to HTML view of TinyMCE, it showed

&lt;&gt; &lt;test&gt; &lt;&lt;&gt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&gt;&gt;&lt;&lt;&gt; ' &lt;""&gt;?sdg#@Y^#ASCST#@Y^

The quotes were replaced by TinyMCE.

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I ended up using urlencode function and it worked fine.

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