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From a higher level what I am trying to do is make a post via javascript that includes the ID to an object.

I am passing the 'PlayerId' to a widget that will create the jquery that will post.

  tableClickHandlerWidget :: String -> TableId -> PlayerId -> Maybe Int ->  Widget
  tableClickHandlerWidget elemId tid playerId seatId = do
    let seatNumber = if seatId == Nothing
                      then "null"
                      else show  $ fromJust seatId
    let pid = fromPersistToJS $ unKey playerId
        $(function() {
          $('#{show elemId}')
            { player: '#{pid}', table: '#{show tid}', seat:'#{seatNumber}' },

  fromPersistToJS :: PersistValue -> String
  fromPersistToJS p = do
   let (a) = fromPersistValue p
   case a of
      Left  l -> T.unpack l
      Right  r -> r

What i am getting back from fromPersistToJS is always an exception that object id cannot be made into a string.

But the URLs are essentially strings and have IDs inside them; so I am sure this must bepossible. is the whole repo and I am making this post at

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the answer was very easy.

let playerIdAsText = toPathPiece playerId
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how to do the reverse ? i.e Text -> playerId , tried fromPathPiece idAsText :: PlayerId didn't work :( –  Shanthakumar May 17 '14 at 7:25
It will depend on the persistent backend you are using. If you are using SQL, I think you will need to explicitly convert Text->String->Int What is your use case for having the ID in a Text in the first place? –  geoff May 27 '14 at 12:34
I wanted to convert a input field in a custom form to a key. I finally used Key $ PersistInt64 input_val –  Shanthakumar May 27 '14 at 17:04

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