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I'm using this GCAlertView in my ARC-enabled project. I tried to make it ARC compatible so I don't have to use -fno-objc-arc on that file. The errors come from Block_copy() and Block_release() macros. It says 'Cast of block pointer type 'void (^)(void)' to C pointer type 'const void *' requires a bridged cast'.

It seems like I have to use __bridge in the block variable somewhere. But I have no idea where to put it. (Also I don't know what it does!) Block_copy() and Block_release() are inside iOS framework so I cannot alter it. Any ideas?

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Take a look at this question, it may help you out. stackoverflow.com/questions/9701923/… – Faisal Mar 23 '12 at 7:40
Thanks! that explains a lot :) The question is similar to this question but not exactly the same. But the answer should be pretty much close. You can post that link or restate the answer as this question's answer so I can accept it. – Hlung Mar 23 '12 at 8:38
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I think the issue due to the way blocks are used in ARC.

Check out this question which would help you.

ARC __bridge cast Block_copy & Block_release

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