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I have native facebook app in development for few months and login worked on ios and android. Yesterday iOS login stopped to work. Android app is able to login. I have not changed iOS code.

I was unable to login with Facebook Native client. I have uninstalled it and I still get same page on FB website. I am redirected to following page

Have someone get same problem?

Any idea what is wrong?


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Check your Facebook application ID. Mine was deleted and I've got the same problem as you have.

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If you didn't change anything on your end, Facebook might have chained something with their API. Perhaps there is an issue with the OAuth or something. Have you taken a look at Facebook's developer portal to see if they have changed anything recently?

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yes. I checked facebook status and bugs. I have not seems such probelem. googling shows similar reports in 2011 but some my app and other apps work fine. I have no idea how to debug that problem. – Max Mar 23 '12 at 7:41

try to authenticate in a desktop browser using firebug or so and check all the http traffic and response to figure out what the problem could be

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