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There are two databases with similar schema, DB_1 and DB_2 both databases have their own data with auto generated primary keys. I want to insert DB_2 data into DB_1, to make one database. My Problem is DB_2 primary keys may exists in DB_1, so i want to append DB_2 rows with new primary key, So how can i do this through SSIS. Please guide me. Thanks in advance.

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In your control flow, create a data flow task. In the data flow task, add the following items:

  • Data Source: its connection manager should point to DB_2.
  • Data Destination: its connection manager should point to DB_1.

Make sure the data flow path connects the source and destination. In the destination, make sure all of the source columns are mapped to the destination columns except for the PrimaryKey column. Since the primary keys are auto generated, the database creates the new primary keys upon inserting the data.

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thanks @David, it is very helpful, But kindly tell me about foreign keys in a table. How can we maintain track of foreign keys? –  nasir Mar 26 '12 at 6:48
@nasir, I don't quite know what you mean by maintain track of them. If you would like to find a foreign key as part of your data flow, you can add a look up component between the source and destination in the data flow task to look for the key in another table. Another option is to load the data into a temporary table and use sql to insert the data (while joining to your foreign tables to get the foreign keys) into the destination tables. –  David Benham Mar 26 '12 at 13:24

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