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I am developing Sencha-Touch 2.0 MVC based mobile web-app. Can you please tell me disadvantages of sencha designer 2 in this development?

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If you are satisfied with an answer please accept it :) much appreciated! If you have additional questions please ask away! – VDP Oct 10 '12 at 9:18
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Sencha Designer 2 / Sencha Architect is awesome! But it has it's disadvantages.

  1. Meta data isn't source control friendly: It's not just metadata but contains pieces of actual code. (this was a deal-breaker for my coordinator)
  2. can't use arbitrary variables inside properties because the designerView can't resolve them.
  3. The use of device profiles is not implemented (yet)


My findings from the latest version (2.1)

  1. Improved a lot. But still an issue.
  2. This is improved significantly. But you will always need overrides to do advanced stuff.
  3. Still not present
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Sencha Designer 2 enforces that you build everything using Sencha Touch 2.0 MVC's best practices. It has support for the MVC features that you would get from standard coding.

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