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Is there any LDAP command to delete all users attached to a specific group. Assume there are user1,user2,user3 assigned to group G1 . I want to delete all the users attached to group G1

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Users are not attached to a group, entries are members of a group. To delete all entries that are members of a group, execute a search that will return all of distinguished names that are members of the group:

  • make the base object of the search the distinguished name of the group
  • use (&) or (objectClass=*) for the filter. Some directory servers, for example Sun DSEE in certain versions fail to properly parse the filter (&)
  • use base for the search scope
  • request the attribute type whose values are the distinguished names of the members of the groups. This varies, but could be something like uniqueMember

Then, transmit a delete request for each distinguished name returned from the above search. Some servers support referential integrity, if so, the members of the group will be deleted at the same time as the entries are deleted.

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