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Received a strange error when using secure websockets in Safari with Webbit server.

Error during WebSocket handshake: location mismatch: wss://domain.com:5679/ != ws://domain.com:5679/

I have no idea why this would happen or how to get around it. Is this a bug on the Webbit server or a client-side bug?

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Appears to be a bug, I've submitted a bug report to Webbit. I believe this has been experienced by other websocket libraries, too github.com/webbit/webbit/issues/82 –  crockpotveggies Mar 23 '12 at 18:44

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Confirmed it was a bug. Glad to report that this was fixed in both the Hixie 75 and 76 protocol specs in Webbit via this pull request https://github.com/webbit/webbit/pull/84

If you are using any other websocket libraries other than Webbit, I suggest tracking down the source and looking for where the protocol is determined when responding to a secure websocket request.

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