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I have a list of thumbnail items that contain a hidden popup container that only shows when I hover over them. That container contains a <ul> who's <li>s act as the slides.

What I am trying to achieve is to start the slideshow from the beginning each time the user hovers over a thumbnail, and stop it when the user hovers out.

It works fine for a while but after multiple hovers it tends to break, as if 2 slideshow timers are accessing the same list causing various glitches like images flashing out of order and such.

I tried cycle('stop') on hoverout but then when the slideshow restarts, it stops on the second slide.

Any help?

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It seems I achieved it by combining cycle('pause') and

$('.item-list ul li',this).each(function(){$(this).removeAttr('style');});

using removeAttr removes all the inline styles jquery.cycle added thus leaving the list clean and refresh to re-set the cycle on the next mouseover.

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