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I'd like to ask 2 questions about indexes in MySQL:
1. is it possible to have index of type HASH in MyISAM engine?
2. is it possible to create index on computed value like e.g.


I've got query that selects all categories and counts number of ads in main/sub categories. Each ad has only subcategory_id from which main_category_id can be computed (subcategory_id = 120 => main_category_id = 100). The evil (slow) query:

SELECT `c`.*, (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM ad WHERE IF(c.parent_id = 0,(ad.category_id DIV 100) * 100 = c.id,ad.category_id=c.id)) AS `count`, `ct`.`label` FROM `category` AS `c` INNER JOIN `category_translation` AS `ct` ON c.id = ct.category_id WHERE (ct.language_id = 1) ORDER BY `c`.`id` ASC
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Question 1:

No, see another question about it: Why does MySQL not have hash indices on MyISAM or InnoDB?

Question 2:

Yes and No. No, you cannot in (mainstream) MySQL but yes, you can on MariaDB, (a fork or MySQL). Read about: Virtual columns

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thank you very much :) – Mr Black Mar 23 '12 at 10:07

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