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I am usig AppMobi XDK and want to applying some styling on different devices according to their screen resolution.The problem is that I can't determine the width and height of my any simulated device. Please help

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You can get the size based off window.innerHeight and window.innerWidth.

There is an issue in the XDK where it's not available until 300ms+ after appMobi.device.ready event is fired.

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Thanks, with your comment I solve my issue :) –  Manuel Choucino Apr 5 '13 at 21:51

From Ian comment it takes 300ms after the appMobi.device.ready is trigger.

Inside your index.html file just add a setTimeout inside the onDeviceReady function.

var onDeviceReady=function(){
    //Size the display to 768px by 1024px
   // AppMobi.display.useViewport(768,1024); 
   //hide splash screen

    setTimeout(setDisplayScreen, 300);


In My case I just wanted to have the footer at the bottom of the screen and I already set it in PX.

function setDisplayScreen(){
   var dHeight = window.innerHeight;
   document.getElementById("footer").style.top = dHeight - 70 + "px";


And it work just fine. There is a small delay before the footer appear but that not bad.

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Problem is that window height is incorrect when device ready. This worked fine for me:

var onDeviceReady = function () {


setTimeout(setDisplayScreen, 300);

function setDisplayScreen() {
    var dHeight = window.innerHeight;
        $('body').css('height', dHeight)



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