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Does RTC source control store a file to keep track of projects. In clearcase there is a copyarea.db file, is there something similar in RTC source control ?

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The copyarea.db is a CCRC (ClearCase Remote Client, so not just "ClearCase") mechanism, described in "About the .copyarea.dat and .copyarea.db files" as:

Each CCRC or CCWeb view root directory (the directory tree where the files from the VOB are downloaded into the local view workspace) contains a .copyarea.dat and a .copyarea.db files.

  • The .copyarea.dat file is used to detect if changes have been made to the loaded files to determine if they are in a hijacked state.
  • The .copyarea.db file is created in each directory of a CCRC or CCWeb view which contains a list of files that are loaded in the view as well as metadata about the files.

So no, RTC doesn't have a jazz file in each directories.
It has a .jazz5 directory at the root of your local workspace. It contains all the necessary metadata regarding the remote "repository workspace" state compared to the local workspace "sandbox".

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