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let's say Expr = 1+2. and I want this Expr in parenthesis, what should I do in order to have this unification?

NewExpr = (1+2).

How can I make this NewExpr out from old Expr?

(ps: if you are interested - I'm doing a prefix to infix conversion)

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Well, if you manipulate terms, the problem is that 1 + 2 is equivalent to (1 + 2). So you won't find a good solution I guess.

Though, that should not bother you since if you put that Expr into a more complicated term, the parenthesis will indeed be added accordingly.

?- Expr = 1 + 2, ComplicatedExpr =.. [+, 1, Expr].
Expr = 1+2,
ComplicatedExpr = 1+ (1+2).

If you don't know the =../2 operator, you can read more about it here.

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