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My footer is in Position fixed, I need to adjust my code that currently the button Up and Down doesn't follow the slide smoothly. Please check my fiddle below to understand what I mean.

My fiddle

My Jquery

 (function ($) {
        $('#carousel-opener').unbind().bind('click', function () { loginSlideDown() });

        var loginSlideDown = function () {
            $('#vhiecles-opener').slideToggle(500, function () {
                $('#carousel-opener').css({position: "fixed" , bottom: '184px'});
                $('#carousel-opener a.arrow').addClass('active');

                $('#carousel-opener').bind('click', loginSlideUp);

        var loginSlideUp = function () {
            $('#vhiecles-opener').slideToggle(500, function () {
                $('#carousel-opener').css({position: "fixed" , bottom: '62px'});
                $('#carousel-opener a.arrow').removeClass('active');
                $('#carousel-opener').bind('click', loginSlideDown);

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fixed MYSELF anyway, I hope you can use this – DD77 Mar 23 '12 at 12:09

For better performance, rather than moving 2 elements independently, it'd be better to just move the one containing element, added bonus being you get much smoother performance.

I've written a quick fiddle demonstrating what I mean.

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