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I have the following code I'm refactoring:

namespace Foo
    namespace Bar { ...classes... }

Bar is now moving into a new top-level namespace, but I'ld like to keep API compatibility:

namespace Pi { ...classes... } // refactored Foo::Bar
namespace Foo { namespace Bar = Pi; } // API compatibility

This doesn't work, since it aliases Foo::Bar::Class to Foo::Pi::Class, but not Pi::Class. Is there a way (short of a macro or typedef'ing all Pi classed) to achieve what I want?

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If I understand correctly, this should do what you need. It means that any lookup in Foo::Bar will find names in ::Pi.

namespace Pi {}
namespace Foo { namespace Bar { using namespace Pi; } }

Obviously, this won't preserve binary compatibility.

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Doh, that was too obvious! Thanks. – eile Mar 23 '12 at 10:32

Oops, you want it the other way round:

namespace Foo {
  namespace Bar {
     using namespace Pi;
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