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I have a bunch of PODs spread over multiple Perl script files. I want to write a landing page for all these PODs using another .pod file.

Say, in the folder /my/root/sub_folder/ I have a script file FirstScript.pl with the following POD.


This is the description


In the TOC.pod file, I'm trying to link to that section as follows.

=over 4

=item L<Link Text|FirstScript/"DESCRIPTION">


When I run:

pod2html --podroot=/my/root --podpath=sub_folder --infile=TOC.pod

I get get the error:

pod2html: TOC.pod: cannot resolve L<Link Text|FirstScript/"DESCRIPTION">
    in paragraph X.

Link is resolved if I add the file extension (.pl) to the name part of the L<> code, but then the resulting URL is of the form ".pl.html", which is not how I want the individual outfiles to be like.

What is wrong here? Am I using the podroot and podpath in a way that was not meant to be used?

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You want to use Pod::Simple::HTMLBatch, it will generate a TOC for you, and it will create and link FirstScript.html correctly

perl -MPod::Simple::HTMLBatch -e Pod::Simple::HTMLBatch::go perl_files_in_sub_folder html_out_folder
  • Pod::Simple::HTMLBatch - convert several Pod files to several HTML files
  • Pod::ProjectDocs / pod2projdocs - ganerates CPAN like project documents from pod.
  • Pod::POM::Web - HTML Perldoc server
  • Pod::HtmlTree - Create a hierarchy of HTML documents from your module's PMs.
  • and honorable mention unixonly http://perl.overmeer.net/oodoc/
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Thanks, but this isn't quite the answer I'm looking for. Rather than auto generating a TOC alone, I want to be able to create these links in a bigger document. I'm trying to use POD to write the user manual of a tool and in that, I need to link to various sections of POD spread over many files. –  idssl Mar 27 '12 at 8:26
Sure it is :) and its much simpler than pod2html, it does what you want out of the box, just try it –  obmib Apr 16 '12 at 10:39

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