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I want to use java key store to save keys and certificates. can anybody share some code to help me with this?

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There should be enough example code in the KeyStore Javadocs page to get you started:

As for the 'default' keystore - i'm not sure such a thing exists, normally you either load it explicitly from a file, or you can configure it using the following system properties:

  • - Keystore location
  • - Keystore password
  • - Keystore type (JKS, P12 etc)

And similar for the trust store:

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There is no default keystore in Java. This is documented in the customization section of the JSSE Reference Guide.

The default trust store is:

jssecacerts, if it exists. Otherwise, cacerts

However, it doesn't mean that these are the stores used by the default SSLContext, since it's also possible to change the default SSLContext (since Java 6) with one that would have been initialised with custom trust managers. (See this answer for more details).

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Downvoters should try to understand the difference between keystore and truststore first, and read the table in the official documentation (first link). – Bruno May 4 '15 at 13:52

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