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I have a drop down list that is populated with data in the code behind. The DataTextField attribute is set with the following code:

ddlItems.DataTextField = "ItemName";

I want to display two data properties as the DataTextField. I tried using the following code but it didn't work. And I have researched on the net but couldn't find how to use two data properties.

ddlItems.DataTextField = "ItemName" + "ItemDescription";

What code do I need to use to do this?

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You can use the Formatting event of ddlItems which will allow you to set logic to how to convert a certain item to a string, or if it makes any sense to use in your program, have a property like RepresentingString that returns Name + Desc, and bind to that property.

Similar question with more answers and code examples: Format DropDownList.TextValue

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I tried using ddlItems.DataTextFormatString = string.Format("{0}, {1}", "ItemName", "ItemDescription") but it doesn't display the names and descriptions in the drop down list, it just displays "ItemName, ItemDescription". –  Theomax Mar 23 '12 at 10:53
the result of string.Format(...) itself would be just that, so that would be pointless. I suggest listening to the event where an item is being converted to text for display, allowing you to set logic into that. –  Yorye Nathan Mar 23 '12 at 10:59

You can use LinqToSql to make a new datasource containing a displayfield which is formatted, the way you want it to be, like:

var datasource = from x in products
                 select new {
                     DisplayField = String.Format("{0} ({1})", x.Code, x.Description)

comboBox.DataSource = datasource;
comboBox.DataValueField = "Id";
comboBox.DataTextField = "DisplayField";
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I've achieved this before but I did so using telerik radcombobox (which was capable of including an item template). The template was simply a html table and I seemingly 'concatenated' the two fields. I'm pretty sure the standard asp .net control doesn't have this functionality - but if you look around you will find a 3rd party control that will.

It is of course possible to deal with this concatenation at the business layer and define a new type (struct is probably best) with a property that contains the two fields as one string.

I'm sure there are other ways of achieving this (more efficient ways no doubt), these are just some ways I know of that may help.

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If you're coding with entity framework code-first you could create a new field called NameAndDescription and set your ddlItems.DataTextField = "NameAndDescription". The field can be created as follows:

    public String NameAndDescription
        get { return this.ItemName + this.ItemDescription; }
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