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We are doing a project on interaction between various 3D virtual objects using a data glove. The objects are being projected using the mirage arcane head mounted display. We have done the projection part, we now have to do the interaction part. How do we interface the data glove and head mounted display. I am using OpenGL and Visual c++

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This question is pretty unanswerable beyond a "read the manual of your glove". Its API will most likely give you some information about orientation and whatever other features it has. It's then up to you to interpret this and do with it what you want. And OT: you might be unaware of this, but if you have received helpful or correct answers on previous questions you can formally accept these as correct or helpful. –  Bart Mar 23 '12 at 10:53
Thanx for the response, I have read the manuals and I have done the coding part of the data glove but the head mounted display does not have any api, its basically just GUI. I am confused about how to use both the devices together so that I can interact with the object projected using head mounted display by the data glove. And sorry about the previous questions, I didnot know, I will do it right now :) –  Vanya Mar 23 '12 at 11:00