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I'm trying to have a @WebService declared in Glassfish be able to call an EJB which requires user to be in a given role. For now, my WebService has no authentication (and I doubt I will add it soon).

Security considerations aside (I perfectly know it's not the better way to do things, thanks), as I have no logged in user, my WebServiceContext alays tell me context.isUserInRole("importer") althgouth my @WebService is also annotated with @RunAs("importer").

How can I make that work ? (without adding security to my web-service, of course).

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Turns out error was not the expected one.

My glassfish-web.xml was not correct, since it was


It seems that, encountering such config, Glassfish creates a principal containing only group specification, and not principal. As a consequence, I removed the group-name line, and all worked OK. My glassfish-web.xml now contains

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You have removed <principal-name> don't you? – dma_k Mar 25 '12 at 14:36
May I ask you to leave a comment on Unable to authenticate with jax-ws on Glassfish? Your opinion would be very valuable. – dma_k Mar 26 '12 at 0:56
@dma_k I fixed my answer to be a little more clear. Concerning the question you redirected me to, I guess there is some authentication denial that is not logged by glassfish. As a consequence, I added a comment to enable one audit module. – Riduidel Mar 26 '12 at 9:18

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