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I enabled in IIS manager-> MySite -> HTTP Response Headers -> Set Common Headers -> Expire Web Content -> After 7 days.

This is correctly reflected in web.config. By the way both Google Page Speed online and Google Page Speed as Firebug extension are saying "expiration not specified".

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This setting impacts static content only not content generated by engines like asp and asp.net.

In additional IIS7 does not send the Expires header when responding to a HTTP/1.1 request, instead it uses the Cache-Control header instead.

In ASP-Classic you should use the Response.Expires property and the AddHeader method to add the Cache-Control header. In ASP.NET the Response.Cache property exposes an object that has number of properties through which you can control caching both at the server and client end.

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Actually cache headers are incorrect (Cache-control non cache) also for static GIF images. Here the headers. –  Francesco Mar 26 '12 at 22:50

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