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EDIT: I have changed the question as it was too localized and gained negative notes. Hopefully this can apply to others now, although I am struggling to improve it further than this, (sorry for the original).


How can you use CSS3 to make a margin change appear smooth? This way when you hover over a link which touches the side of the screen it appears to slide out or drop down?



(The website used in the original question relates to

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I checked that first problem you already fixed, you can try this one for second solution

#social_links li{-moz-transition:all 300ms ease-in; -webkit-transition: all 300ms ease-in; -o-transition: all 300ms ease-in; transition: all 300ms ease-in;} #social_links li:hover{background:#74dcff;}

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  1. You have to give the li a width.

    #social_links li {
        width: 20px;
  2. I suggest that you use the jQuery animate function for that.

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