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I know the title is a bit vague, but I dont know what to put on there. I'm developing an API with Sinatra for our backend in Ruby. The thing is that I need to be able to pass JSON to the service representing a User. The problem I'm facing is that when I run my tests it does not work, but doing it manually against the service it does work. I'm guessing there is an issue with the JSON format.

I've updated my User model to rely on the helpers from ActiveModel for the JSON serialization. I was running in too much problems with manual conversions. This is what the base User model looks like:

class User
  include ActiveModel::Serializers::JSON
  attr_accessor :login, :email, :birthday, :created_at, :updated_at, :password_sha, :password_salt

  # Creates a new instance of the class using the information stored
  # in the hash. If data is missing then nill will be assigned to the
  # corresponding property.
  def initialize(params = {})
    return if params.nil?
    self.login = params[:login] if params.key?("login")
    self.email = params[:email] if params.key?("email")
    self.birthday = Time.parse(params[:birthday]) rescue Time.now
    if params.key?("password_salt") && params.key?("password_sha")
      self.password_salt = params["password_salt"]
      self.password_sha = params["password_sha"]
    elsif params.key?("password")
    self.created_at = Time.now

  def attributes
    {:login => self.login, :email => self.email, :birthday => self.birthday, :created_at => self.created_at, :updated_at => self.updated_at, :password_sha => self.password_sha, :password_salt => self.password_salt}

  def attributes=(params = {})
    self.login = params['login']
    self.email = params['email']
    self.birthday = params['birthday']
    self.created_at = params['created_at']
    self.updated_at = params['updated_at']
    self.password_sha = params['password_sha']
    self.password_salt = params['password_salt']

I'm using Cucumber, Rack::Test and Capybara to test my API implementation. The code of the API application looks like this:

# This action will respond to POST request on the /users URI,
  # and is responsible for creating a User in the various systems.
  post '/users' do
      user = User.new.from_json(request.body.read)

In the above piece I expect the json representation in the request body. For some reason the params hash is empty here, don't know why The test section that makes the actuall post looks like this:

When /^I send a POST request to "([^\"]*)" with the following:$/ do |path, body|
  post path, User.new(body.hashes.first).to_json, "CONTENT_TYPE" => "application/json"

The example output JSON string generated by the User.rb file looks like this:


The output is copied from the Rubymine IDE, but when I submit this to the application, I cannot parse it because:

  • The params hash is empty when using the tests
  • doing it manually gives me the error about needing at least 2 octets.
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Honestly: I didn't get it. What exactly is the problem/question now? Your request.body.read is empty in the test, but works if you call the site with your browser? – Simon Woker Mar 23 '12 at 11:42
correct. I'll update the question with a better explanation – NekoNova Mar 23 '12 at 11:50
there, updated with the new code – NekoNova Mar 23 '12 at 11:55
Totally unrelated, by my OCD wouldn't let me resist. The first line of your initialize method, return if params.nil? will never return because you are setting params to a hash as a parameter default. – Peter Brown Mar 23 '12 at 12:13
LOL, good point :P – NekoNova Mar 23 '12 at 12:35

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