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I have many database instances say for e.g EWB1,EWB2,EWB3 and so on..if suppose I am in EWB1 and I want to access a particular table's column from other nstances (in this case say EWB2,EWB3 and so on).. I am doing something like this

declare @name varchar(10);
DECLARE cur3 CURSOR FOR select EnterpriseDBInstance from [EWB_DAL].[dbo].[Enterprise] where EnterpriseDBInstance <>  CONVERT(varchar(10),DB_NAME());
OPEN cur3;
Fetch next from cur3 into @name;
declare @test varchar(10);
set @test = (select @name);     
select ChapterName from [@test].[dbo].[FormData] -- This line is giving error
                                                 -- unable to find @test....
Fetch next from cur3 into @name;
close cur3; 
deallocate cur3; 

But I could see EWB2,EWB3... in @test..

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What database are you using? Each vendor has a different way of supporting such functionality (if at all). What is "SQL 2008"? Do you mean SQL Server 2008? – Oded Mar 23 '12 at 11:30
Ya MS SQL Server 2008 – Sajesh Nambiar Mar 23 '12 at 11:33

You can't use database names dynamically (i.e using variables), in the same way that you can't use table or column names in such a manner.

The query you have is trying to find a database named @test.

You need to look at using dynamic SQL for such work, or rethink your approach. I suggest reading The Curse and Blessings of Dynamic SQL by Erland Sommarskog.

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use qoutename like qoutename(ur DB variable name) this works...

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