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i'm building a website for a house builder and each house plot (k2 item) has a few extra fields associated with it such as 'price' and 'availability'.

i would like to display this extra field data elsewhere on the site perhaps in a table that lists 5-6 plots and displays their current price and availability.

the idea is to be able to change the price of a house in the extra fields section and then have this change reflected in other parts of the site that call on this extra field data.

i've read this article..


..which explains a process of displaying extra field data but i've not managed to get this to work. i also think that this method would only work if displaying extra field data while already inside the item that it relates to. i'm trying to display this extra field data around other parts of the site.

i'm trying to replicate something like the table that appears on this page (just above the map)


running the latest version of jooma and k2 and have full access to server and database.

hope someone can help..!

many thanks

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There is a great plug-in for Joomla/K2 that does this for you at: http://joomcar.net It's called K2 Filter and Search Module and it will display a table with the extra fields as you have demonstrated in at: http://www.orionhomes.co.uk/development/brunswick-place

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You can definitely display those extra fields wherever you need them on the site.

This step-by-step tutorial may help you to create the extra fields.

Then you just need to enable the extra fields in your view and modify your template.

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